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Fucking our friends Vol 1


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There are two things I adore above anything else.. travelling the world and getting covered in lots of yummy cum. Especially when there’s the thrill of being caught out in public. Of course, there’s only a real thrill when it’s real life, which is why all of the videos in this series are completely unscripted, unplanned and fully authentic – no acting, no fake locations – just me being a real life slut.

In Volume 1, Josh & I take a trip to Mallorca. I never seem to last long without needing a cock, which can cause issues when I’m in public – evidently in this video, when we can’t even make it half way through a flight without me needing to taste some precum. I manage to sneak away to take my underwear off for Josh.. which he can’t seem to resist when I return to my seat and show him my pussy. This worked a charm as  I got what I wanted when I sucked his cock in the middle of a crowded plane.

After settling down in Mallorca my naughty quest for cum continued as we explored the town. We nearly get caught so many times but the risk, along with the fact that Josh was filming me up to no good for the first time was turning me on so much that in a state of sex fueled adrenaline I took off my wet underwear and bent over in the middle of the street to show Josh my ass. The fun continues all the way through the hotel corridors and to our room where Josh shoots his first huge load of this video over my pussy.

This entire trip was difficult for me because there were so many teasing moments, so many moments of almost getting what I wanted – lots of cum over my face. It’s clear to see how happy I am when I finally do. The fact it happened outdoors, by the sea, with hundreds of passing boats just added to my satisfaction.

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