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Fucking our friends Vol 1

RISK Vol 1

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One thing I’ve realised since filming my antics is that I am always up to mischief. It isn’t only when I am on holiday enjoying the sunshine – it’s when I am on a train, at the supermarket or a bar – and I want everyone to see. Introducing “Risk”, my little way of showing the world that I am constantly misbehaving, even during everyday life. Watch this series to see me try to get away with as much as possible in front of strangers. Watch this series to see me taking cum in places I shouldn’t. Watch this series to see me turn the mundane everyday tasks into the ultimate risks.

In Volume 1, Josh & I have a relatively normal job of needing to buy a lampshade. This probably would have gone to plan if we hadn’t started drinking earlier in the day. Feeling tipsy, we decided to use our push scooters to get to the shop because… why not. This led to me pulling up my skirt to flash oncoming traffic, because again… why not.

All of this fun must have gotten us both turned on because by the time we got to the shop we’d completely forgotten what we were there for and proceeded to play the classic game of “how close to a stranger can you flash without getting caught”.

After a few rounds of this game, I decided I need cum too desperately to wait, so right inside the shop, I start sucking Josh’s cock until he covers my face in huge amounts of cum. It doesn’t end there – full of adrenaline, I begin parading around the shop walking past dozens of strangers… leaving one fundamental question. Did we remember to buy the lampshade?

Watch the full video to find out.

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