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In my second ever hookup vid, I’m in the party capital of Europe – Ibiza! I guessed this would be a filthy week, and I was right. 

I enjoyed a full 7 days of partying, flashing my tits to strangers and taking public facials on the beach (which you can see in my X-RATED VLOGS VOL 3 vid!)

That was fun, but something was still missing. A new cock to play with.

By the last day of our holiday, I began to lose hope… but that changed when I got a message request from a random guy.

I was pretty desperate by this point, so I happily flirted with him throughout the day without my boyfriend even knowing. However, he did get suspicious when he saw me get several notifications and immediately run off to do my hair…

He was right to be suspicious, as within an hour, I was on my knees in front of my Tinder date, rubbing his cock over my face. 

I’m usually much more of a “giver”. I LOVE to suck cock, but this time… I got to cum too!

Other than my boyfriend, this was the first guy to lick my pussy in over 5 years, so I was super sensitive. 

The night and our holiday ended in the perfect way… with a massive double facial.

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