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Fucking our friends Vol 1

Tinder Hookups Vol 1

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TINDER HOOKUPS VOL 1: I’ve dreamt of having two cocks in my mouth for years now and I still can’t quite believe it finally happened! My dream came true, and it was everything I hoped it’d be.

On one particularly tipsy night, I decided to open Tinder, mainly out of curiosity. After only a few minutes of swiping, I had already started casually chatting with several guys. I then matched with someone who really caught my attention. Feeling brave, I told him what I was looking for… a cock to suck. He immediately seemed keen.

I didn’t truly believe it would go any further. My boyfriend Josh didn’t even know I was on Tinder at this point, let alone actually chatting to men. I assumed we’d flirt for a bit and then move on… I was wrong.

It didn’t take long until I had a notification from my favourite match, saying he could come over… THAT NIGHT.

Due to being in lockdown for 2 years, I was feeling even more nervous than I thought I’d be but was also craving a new cock more than I ever had. In this video, my thirst was finally satisfied. Not once… but twice.

Watch as I excitedly explain the situation to my boyfriend, who films my every movement, emotion and reaction to this spontaneous hookup.

My main goal was having 2 cocks in my mouth, my second was getting 2 loads of cum on my face…

This video is completely amateur, unscripted and authentic. Enjoy!

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