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Fucking our friends Vol 1


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There are two things I adore above anything else… travelling the world and getting covered in lots of yummy cum. Especially when there’s the thrill of being caught out in public. Of course, there’s only a real thrill when it’s real life, which is why all of the videos in this series are completely unscripted, unplanned and fully authentic – no acting, no fake locations – just me being a real life slut.

Volume 2 continues in Mallorca where we left off. I’d already had plenty of cum over the last few days, but I’m greedy and needed more. Like most mornings, I wake up horny, but unlike most mornings, Josh is still peacefully sleeping. His cock hanging out from under the blanket looked somehow even more thick and enticing while he slept, so I couldn’t help but reach over and start rubbing it gently so not to wake him but to satisfy my own desires. Watching him squirm and hearing him moan in his sleep turned me on so much that I couldn’t be gentle anymore. I think I gave him one of the best wake up calls of his life that day.

Later, we hired a motor boat and took it out to sea. I should have known that our innocent boat trip would soon turn indecent. I found fun in distracting captain Josh by getting naked and playing with myself while other people sailed by on their own boats. I didn’t care who could see me… in fact I enjoyed other people catching me. When it was my turn to drive, Captain Josh played me at my own game by pulling down his shorts and bending over at the front of the boat. I couldn’t hold back, I buried my face in his ass from behind before sucking on his cock.

This was meant to mark the end of this little adventure, but we decided to extend it and fly to Ibiza. We rented a penthouse with two of Josh’s friends who also happened to be holidaying in Ibiza. We didn’t know that a 2 bed penthouse meant 1 bedroom with 2 beds in it, but of course, that didn’t stop me having my fun.

During the early morning, while our two friends were half asleep a meter away from us, I played with myself under the covers, then had a feel of Josh’s cock. At first, I was cautious, trying not to alert the friends, but as I felt Josh get harder and bigger in my hand, I took away the covers so that we were on full display. I actually started to want them to see – especially our female friend. I wanted her to see his huge cock, just feet away from her. I knew she wouldn’t have been able to resist it, similarly to how I can’t.

Later that same day, I got horny over the thought of being covered in cum and started to touch myself in the villa. I slid my fingers inside myself, with my ass on full display and I remembered not caring who saw. It just so happened that Josh walked in and caught me in the act, but it’s safe to say he didn’t mind…

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